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GDPR Compliance

You‘ve seen the headlines around
GDPR and you know that it will impact IT, but are you clear how it will impact your marketing activities, and do you have a plan to manage it?

Many organisations like yours are concerned about how complying with the new regulations will impact their customer base. Will they have to repermission customers? Will they lose the ability to capture online behavioural data? How will they manage subject access requests? And how on earth will they find time to manage the process of becoming GDPR compliant by May 2018?

Our 6 point action plan will help you to reach compliance quickly and easily, with a positive result for your customer experience.



customer data management

Data management remains one of the great challenges in delivering great customer experiences. Its at the heart of any successful project and its lead to the failure of many more.

From simply improving the way your email your customers through to using the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, we can help you to get good quality data, organised in the right way for the task at hand.

We’ve built Single Customer Views and Marketing Databases for large retailers, insurance companies, travel businesses and telecommunications companies.

How can we help you?


Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about so much more than incorporating a few new channels. It’s about transforming the way that your business engages with your customers.

We understand that getting the basics right at the key to great customer experiences. That means having a clear vision of how you want to interact with your customers, getting your data into the right shape to communicate with them, and having the right tools in place to take the hard work out of customer interactions.

We’ve helped many organisations, including travel companies, telcos and retailers to transform their business.



Our consultants each have more than 15 years in delivering Marketing Technology Solutions. We focus on delivering high quality data, developing operational processes, delivering great customer experiences and compliance.

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