About Us

Clearview Consulting is a young company that was founded in 2017 to help businesses build trusted customer relationships through data.  Much of our early client work centred on data protection advice and guidance, including educational activities.

From this early client work we noticed a recurring theme – many organisations were struggling with their business transformation efforts due to lack of employee engagement.   Most mid to large size organisations have an annual training regime for compliance topics like data protection, which extends to cyber security, health and safety, bribery and corruption, and so on.  However, this training is typically very easy to cheat and is seen by most employees as an annoyance.

Addressing this challenge was the genesis of our immersive training solution, that borrows concepts found in a traditional “escape room” activity.  If you’ve never done one, an escape room is a place where you’re locked in with no means of escape, and the only way out is for a group of friends or work colleagues to find hidden clues and solve puzzles to get out.  Successfully escaping the room requires teamwork and is fun!

We took this basic concept, made it portable, and fashioned the clues and puzzles into learning challenges, whilst keeping the fun element central to the experience.  The fun element is important because our brains get a dopamine hit when we’re having fun, and if dopamine is present during a learning experience, we remember that information – it’s a bit like hitting the SAVE button in a word document.

Following successful trials with early adopter clients, we have been able to boost engagement, deliver high knowledge retention, and provide a great team building experience for their employees.  We now offer the production-ready solution with an initial scenario based on cyber security under a license or rental model.