About Us

Clearview Consulting is a young company founded in 2017 with a simple mission statement: “Helping clients build trusted customer relationships through data”.  Based in north Oxfordshire, our central location enables us to effectively serve clients throughout England.

Our leadership team has decades of experience, spanning customer engagement, customer experience, data management, eCommerce, marketing, and technology, coupled with extensive knowledge of UK data privacy legislation.   Rather than duplicate information here, may we direct you to our Linked In profiles for further information on our experience and qualifications that we bring to the table.

We seek to be a trusted advisor to our clients, typically beginning with a consulting engagement.  We take time to understand your business priorities and set up, so that our input is relevant and targeted.  Once the relationship is deepened we’ll be happy to make recommendations that tap into our broader knowledge of state-of-the-art tools along with outsourced operational services to make your data protection budgets work harder and deliver a better return to the business.

Our client base ranges from start-ups to large nationals with revenues exceeding £1bn, across a wide range of vertical industries.  We like variety, and believe that this experience enables us to better advise our clients by avoiding a “your industry only” outlook on best practice.

In summary, we believe that customer data is a hugely important asset to your business that needs to be managed and protected at a strategic level.  Your customers will increasingly judge their trust in you based on how you look after their data.  We are here to help you do that the ‘right’ way and deservedly receive that trust.