AI Based Micro Learning Platform

What if you could dispense with classroom training altogether and let your employees learn on the job?

We partner with Clever Nelly, an artificially intelligence training system to create customised micro learning programmes via email.  

On average we delivers 3.4 questions per employee per day and this uses on average 1 minute 47 seconds of an employee’s working day. Even the busiest contact centre agent, the most time poor salesperson and the over-active manager can find time to engage each day. 


Key Business Benefits

1. Guaranteed learning outcomes

2. Average training retention of 89% for clients using our solution

3. Average knowledge and competency of employees increased by 67%

4. Improved compliance

5. Reduced processing risk

Our solution is grounded in science and psychology which is just one of the reasons employees continue to engage with it for years.  The AI enables us to treat each and every one of your employees as an individual, with respect and without criticism or material consequence. 

The solution doesn’t just bombard users with random questions that would be disrespectful and would quickly lead to widespread employee disengagement. It is intelligent, it varies the quantum and subject matter of the questions that each individual user receives based on that individual’s past responses. Subject matter expertise is recognised and respected and gentle assistance and support provided specifically where it is individually required. 


The solution is hugely flexible and can, with minimal effort, be tailored to deliver against your specific requirements, even delivering different outcomes to individual stakeholders in your enterprise. Nelly’s sophisticated, but disarmingly simple workflow, allows our clients to automate mundane, value destroying activities so they can focus on improving the performance of individuals and teams within the business.

AI Based Learning | Guaranteed Results | Tailored for Context