Data Breach Readiness MOT Quiz

Data breaches are inevitable.  Most breaches are as a result of cock up, rather than conspiracy.  With customers becoming more aware of their data protection rights, trust in how a company handles their data is driving choice. How a business responds when the worst...

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Ticketmaster – Heroes and Villians

Data breaches are inevitable. Most breaches are as a result of cock up, rather than conspiracy. Blaming hoards of Russian teenage hackers for your data breach woes is an easy option, but when your breach is the result of multiple layers of silliness, you’ll need to have a plan to make sure you deal with it a way that minimises the damage to your customers, and maybe even turns them into an advocate of your business.

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Legitimate Interests vs Consent

Like many people involved in GDPR compliance, I've been waiting around for guidance from the Information Commissioner on whether legitimate interests can be used as the basis for Direct Marketing. The problem was that the GDPR says, rather...

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GDPR and Data Classification

Gaining a clear understanding of the data that you hold, what you use it for, where it is stored, and how long you store it, is the first step in understanding both the risks associated with your data, and the task of managing the complex data management...

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