We offer two pricing models for our self-contained Immersive Training kits:

1. License purchase for unlimited use

2. Rental purchase for metered use

The rental model will appeal if your usage is going to be low, or unpredictable.  The license model is the most cost effective for regular and/or higher volume usage.  We can also provide instructor / host elasticity to supplement your in-house resources if required.  Use the table below to help you choose the best fit for your situation.

About Onboarding

Our approach to onboarding aligns with the two commercial options for purchase.

For License purchasers we include a day of onboarding activity to enable your own staff to take on the role of instructor / facilitator for the relevant scenario.  There is some flexibility on how this day is organised, but the default structure is:

  • Initial ‘regular’ session with your staff as participants
  • Your staff facilitate a session with our guidance + feedback at the end
  • Your staff facilitate a session with us in observation mode
  • We provide critical feedback on your readiness to work independently

As the instructor / facilitator is also in role-play for the scenario, your specific journey to readiness will be heavily dependent on choosing the right staff.  If desired, we can re-run the onboarding session – either in entirety or just focused on guidance or observation as appropriate.  Any re-runs of onboarding will be charged at our normal day rates.

For Rental purchasers, we recognise that you may not wish to take on the role of instructor / facilitator, or perhaps the frequency of running the learning experience may lead to your designated people becoming ‘rusty’.  We’re here to help and we provide the maximum flexibility to offer assistance as needed.

That might be to run a scenario for you or, or have your staff shadow us for a few sessions, or run a dedicated knowledge transfer session as described above for License purchasers.  We’ll deliver whichever option is appropriate to your needs, with the only constraint being a minimum charge of 1 day.

Regardless is which onboarding approach you take, we will provide you with a PowerPoint deck that reflects the sequence of the scenario app so that you can practice the run through as often as wanted, and a handy ‘tips and reminders’ video to help you tune your own delivery.