Privacy Key Managed Service

Our unique Privacy Key Managed Service enables you to tap into the entire service portfolio available from Clearview Consulting on a fixed fee basis through an annual subscription. Privacy Key will reduce the risk of compliance for your business as a whole and deliver a better return on investment from the organizational spend on compliance.
A number of subscription tiers are available since we know you will have your own particular circumstances and needs concerning data protection that will affect the volume of work we will be handling.  Your subscription can be tailored to have us take care of as much or as little as you want across the following service portfolio categories:
Managing Your Data Asset
Having an up to date picture of your processing activities is the absolute minimum that the Information Commissioner will expect you to have in the event of an investigation. We will keep your register of processing activities up to date, which will further allow us to ensure your privacy and cookie policies are updated.  We will also manage your suppliers and data processors, to ensure that that they are processing your data securely and legally.
Rights Management
As your customers and employees become more aware of their rights under the Data Protection Act, you’ll need to make sure that you have a process in place to be able, for instance, to delete or collate all personal data within 30 days.  We can manage these requests for you.
Putting Privacy First
When new projects or software developments are initiated, you’ll need to make sure that you think about privacy as part of the project, rather than an afterthought.  We can manage your Privacy Impact Assessments and help you to apply best practice to new systems.
Ongoing Advice and Guidance
There will of course be ad hoc questions and concerns, and our highly experienced collective expertise can be an available resource, offering you support and guidance on data protection issues whenever they arise.
Education and information is a key tenet of a successful privacy programme.  You can take advantage of e-learning and face to face training tuned to each department’s needs, ensuring that the right employees have the right information at the right time.
Breach Management
When a reportable data breach is discovered, you only have 72 hours to act.  The way that you deal with the breach can make or break your reputation.   We can help you to understand whether the breach is reportable, and what you need to say to customers or employees.  The service can even include a pop-up Press Office that will manage any PR issues that may arise Logging isolated and individual breaches, whilst holding less risk to the business, can also be taken care of, releasing valuable time for your management team to focus on their business activities.
Data Protection Officer
If required, Clearview Consulting can also fulfill this role through the Privacy Key service.

In order to handle the work demand, all activities are logged and tracked on a service request ticket through a purpose-built portal.  This enables the appropriate SLA to be set for time-critical activities such as a Rights Management request, or a suspected breach.

The portal is set up to manage the work using workflow to manage dependencies, set alerts and other necessary functions.  We also use automated communications to ensure all stakeholders receive notifications as work is processed through the service. By having this state-of-the art service request portal at the core of the service, we are able to produce management reporting on all activities, giving a holistic picture of group-wide compliance performance, and where effort is being expended to manage data protection across your organisation.
Irrespective of the work volume we handle, a central philosophy of the Privacy Key service is the notion of continual improvement with regard to organizational compliance.  It comprehends that your organization will evolve over time, with things like the introduction of new staff, systems, partnerships, products, and so on.  This will necessitate a continual evaluation of compliance, which is reflected in the improvement model shown. Aligned to this philosophy of continual improvement, we will conduct a periodic audit that will help you to understand the potential issues and opportunities of your data privacy activities.  We will recommend the frequency of this audit once we understand your business better, but ultimately this is a decision that will be agreed jointly.  The audit will allow us to identify potential areas of improvement and we will work with you to formulate an action plan and, where needed, we will help you to implement the plan.

Our ultimate goal in delivering the Privacy Key service is that you will benefit from greater transparency of the data protection function, and we’ll ensure that it is adding value and is accountable to both the business and the regulators.  Contact us if you’d like to know more.