PRIVACY KEY – A complete data protection managed service

You want to concentrate on your business goals, not worry about data protection law. You don’t want your staff to spend hours investigating data privacy issues instead of concentrating on their jobs. But, you know that data protection is important to your reputation, your sales process and to your revenue.

Our unique Privacy Key Managed Service enables you to tap into the entire service portfolio available from Clearview Consulting on a fixed fee basis. We recognise that each organisation will have its own particular circumstances concerning data protection, which is why we build in flexibility to enable variable consumption of the individual service elements. You end up with a tailored service tuned to your needs and budget.  MORE



If you want to manage your data protection activities in house, but don’t know where to start then our audit service is for you.

The 2018 Data Protection Act can appear to be complex, and the new e-Privacy regulation may muddy the waters further. It can be difficult to navigate what needs to be done, but our systematic approach can target the priorities for your business and prepare a smooth path to compliance.

We will conduct a preliminary assessment and provide you with a gap analysis and an action plan. We will then work with you to ensure that all areas of the plan are delivered. Our multi-skilled team can support you and help with any aspect of compliance, including data analysis and data management, cookie management and supplier contract reviews.



Most organisations have many data sources in many places, and new projects that involve the use of personal data are constantly being initiated. Keeping on top of the uses of personal data, having a consistent mechanism for defining your lawful bases for processing data, and taking a “just in time” approach to updating privacy and cookie policies, can be complex and time consuming. However, having a single point of contact for all changes reduces the administrative burden on your teams, and will reduce the risk of error and therefore data breach.

Your Register of Processing Activities (RoPA) is the key to understanding what personal data you have, why you have it and what the risk of holding that information is.


Data Breaches are inevitable, but they don’t need to be catastrophic. For those organisations who have not prepared properly, breach management can make a breach situation worse. Good preparation can make a data breach run as smoothly as possible and can save your reputation.

If a reportable data breach occurs then you have 72 hours to report to the ICO. If the breach is of high risk to individuals’ rights and freedoms, you must inform those individuals impacted.

Planning and preparation can take the stress and risk out of breaches when they occur. MORE


PRIVACY EDUCATION – Face to face training and e-Learning

Your employees are one of the biggest areas of risk when it comes to privacy, and its important that they get the right education for their role. Clearview offer a combination of face to face training and e-learning, providing a great balance between cost effectiveness and detailed training.

We have courses designed for customer-facing employees, marketing employees, IT employees and Board level staff, as well as a basic introduction to data protection for employees with limited exposure to personal information.



Organisations have never had to be more transparent, with so many touchpoints, not least Social Media, leaving you wide open to contact with customers, staff and the media.

In the event of a potential data breach, it is therefore more vital than ever to control your message in order to minimise the chances of any negative impact on your brand. How would you manage a call from a national newspaper asking for an official response within four hours or they will go to print with either ‘no comment’ or what they already know? Would your retail or contact centre staff know what to say if a journalist or customer went into store or called them to get the inside line?

Few organisations have PR resource sitting around waiting for a breach, and the existing team is always going to be busy to juggling other things. Yet in the event of a breach, which could happen at any time with little notice, you need to act quickly to manage external and internal communications effectively, to nip the matter in the bud and control the message.