We maintain a careful eye on innovative software tools that can help our clients keep their data safe. Of course, no tool is a solution in itself. Tools must be integrated into a holistic approach that brings all the strands together.

That’s why we incorporate the tools we like within our COLLECT | PROTECT | DETECT | CORRECT framework, in order to emphasize where they add value. So here’s our pick of best-in-breed tools across the spectrum of the framework.

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about any or all of them.

DPOrganizer: turning privacy professionals into privacy heroes.

Privacy matters and data protection has become a core concern for businesses and organisations around the world. DPOrganizer’s Software-as-a-Service platform helps you manage the processing of your personal data using a flexible and easy-to-use software solution to help you map, visualize, report and manage you’re your data. Available for both Data Controllers and Data Processors, the DPOrganizer Ecosystem supports businesses on three levels.


  • Comply – For the person working with GDPR matters; the project manager or data protection officer, the solution provides a ‘one-place’ for all legal based data compliance provisions such as the legal basis for processing, data retention timescales, contract and stakeholder accountability.
  • Collaborate – For collaborating and automating your work within the organisation. Activities such as Privacy Impact Assessments, process and data flow documentation and reporting are all at your fingertips supporting data protection ‘business as usual’
  • Communicate – For managing external relations, such as individuals, businesses and supervisory authorities

IronScales: Advanced Malware And URL/Link Protection

IronScales was founded in 2014 by CEO Eyal Benishti, who was previously a security researcher and malware analyst at Radware. IRONSCALES has pioneered an advanced anti-phishing threat protection platform combining human and machine intelligence to automatically analyze, detect and remove malicious emails before and after they land in the inbox using a multi-layered and automated approach. Their suite of products includes IronShield, a cloud-based email protection module that helps defend organizations from zero-day malware and phishing websites in real-time. Using state of the art sandbox and malicious link databases, IronShield adds another layer of advanced phishing security to the IronScales platform by safeguarding users from all inbound emails.

IronShield’s continuous monitoring algorithm classifies emails and provides a quick verdict about which emails should be scanned. In total, IronShield detects 2x more malicious links and attachments by incorporating intelligence from other IronScales end-users and technical controls, as well as through continuous rescanning of links and attachments, even after they come back clean.

RepKnight: cybersecurity software that mitigates the damage of data breaches.

RepKnight is a cybersecurity company providing web applications for real-time data breach detection, dark web monitoring, and cyber threat intelligence. Their easy-to-use data breach detection application can alert you within minutes if your data has been hacked, leaked or stolen. The platform continuously monitors the Dark Web, dump and paste sites, and hundreds of other channels, looking for your data appearing outside the firewall.

The RepKnight team includes vastly experienced software engineers, data scientists, UX designers and cyber-analysts who continually push the boundaries of cyber-intelligence and data breach detection.

Dataguard: Digital and operational security solutions dealing with resilience and risk

Dataguard is the pioneer of ePay and along with eBox and eMail solutions using the latest encryption technology to deliver an application-based approach to protect data on the move and at rest. Dataguard also partners with Regify one of the leading Global encryption pioneers. Dataguard services are highly secure. uing patented technology to give you a complete end-to-end (from sending to receiving) secured solution that’s easy to use.

Data Guard eBox – Making project and business process documents available to a group of users for revisions and collaboration brings with it the challenge of security. Standard office systems cannot provide the level of security necessary to ensure managed access and full auditability across users. Dataguard eBox provides secure sharing and storage of sensitive information with an audit trail. Using advanced technology which ensures the information is shared using secured encrypted digital pathways it guarantees only the recipient and sender can access the information. Since it doesn’t require integration with existing software and you could be up and running in minutes!

Dataguard eMail Encrypted Email delivers secure and legally compliant communication via email, meeting the challenge of secure transport over the Web and overcoming vulnerabilities of portal platforms or unencrypted emails. Dataguard eMailDataguard eMail is for Everyone! Financial, Legal, Healthcare, Government. You!

Transcend360 – Digital Process Automation (DPA) platform

Transcend360’s powerful, cloud-architected solutions enable organisations to better understand and manage direct and indirect customers data, processes and results. The mission is simple, to provide technology that empowers people to create experiences that are in context with what they need and want.

Transcend360 Digital Process Automation (DPA) platform helps organisations solve complex problems. The platform is unique solution that enables applications to be built in a ‘low code’ way.

Transcend360 has a range of solutions built on the platform aimed at solving specific business problems. These solutions are ‘out of the box’ meaning time to value is quick. They also have the added benefit of being easily extended and customised according to client specific needs.

TalentLMS: eLearning platform

TalentLMS is really easy. It’s built it to increase your satisfaction and fun from online learning & training.  There’s no need to install, upgrade or backup anything as TalentLMS is a Cloud powered Learning Management System.

Building blocks like Branches and Single Sign-On (SSO) that fit your extended learning enterprise. A secured and encrypted channel for all data communication.

You can have your own custom domain, logo and theme. Make your Learning Management System (LMS) look the way you dreamt it. Reuse your presentations and videos or a wide range of online material with our social integrations. Make stunning courses with minimal effort.

To round off, there’s simple and comprehensible analytics about everything that happens inside your elearning environment.