Many of our clients call upon us for consulting assignments tailored to specific needs and budget. These typically fall under the following areas:

  • Data Privacy Audit
  • Documenting your data processing activities
  • Data Breach Preparation
  • Data Breach Crisis Support
  • Privacy Education

Whilst this list is not exhaustive, what sets us apart is our ongoing assessment of balanced, innovative software tools that can help our clients keep their data safe. Of course, no tool is a solution in itself. Tools must be integrated into a holistic approach that brings all the strands together.  That’s why we incorporate the tools we like within our COLLECT | PROTECT | DETECT | CORRECT framework to orientate where they add value.

By aligning complementary services to each element of the framework, we can provide a total solution for our clients, providing a one-stop shop which streamlines vendor agreements, and encourages a focus on outcomes from any investment.