Comprehensive Anti-Phishing Solution

Companies are nearly three times more likely to get breached by social attacks than via actual vulnerabilities, emphasizing the need for ongoing employee cybersecurity education  according to Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigation Report. That’s why we have tracked down the best anti phishing software in the market, for businesses large and small, to help you to keep your customer’s and employee’s data safe. 

Through a combination of great software and our enabling services, we can provide an exceptionally comprehensive anti phishing solution which offers everything from threat assessment and education through to an AI powered Virtual Security Analyst. 

Threat Assessment 

  • Phishing Awareness Training 
  • Use your existing team to become your extended threat detection team by giving them the tools to thwart phishing and other social attacks. 
  • Customise training for your teams 
  • Develop a risk score by employee, group and across the whole organisation.  

Advanced Threat Detection

  • Continuous Malware Detection
  • Scans and re-scans emails in real-time for known and ongoing threats using malicious link databases such as Google Safe Browsing
  • All emails are scanned and re-scanned automatically for malicious attachments using different multi-AV and sandbox solutions
  • Advanced Protection Against Business Email Compromise
  • Advanced Mailbox-level anomoly detection that protects your employees  from Business Email Compromise (BEC), email spoofing and impersonations attempts by dynamically learning their mailbox and communication habits
  • Compliments DMARC

Security Operations

  • Automated Email Phishing Investigation, Orchestration and Response
  • Automated email phishing protection, detection and incident response, combining human intelligence with machine learning to streamline phishing incident analysis, threat intelligence gathering (forensics), orchestration and response automatically or at the click of a button
  • Automated and Collective Phishing Campaign Detection
  • Federation delivers real-time, human verified, actionable phishing campaign intelligence collaborated on by security experts in other organisations working together as a community
  • AI Powered Virtual Security Analyst
  • AI-driven virtual security analyst that helps security team determine a verdict on suspicious email incidents in real-time

Phishing Awareness Training
Unlike the traditional one size fits all approach to security awareness training, our solution starts with an initial employee assessment to benchmark individual users phishing recognition skills.  Each user is then automatically graded, and based on performance levels, a training campaign comprised of short, staged, real-world phishing attacks and targeted online learning is tailored to help improve the employees’ awareness of malicious messages.

Key Business Benefits

  1. Reduce phishing click rates through continuous assessment and training
  2. Determine a risk score for each part of your business
  3. Turn your employees into a “human Firewall”
  4. Phishing awareness training tailored to your busiess, and the way that you work
  5. Meet your obligations under Article 39 of the Data Protection Act by training your teams

Regular Learning and Education
We will schedule regular mock phishing, vishing and smishing attacks, using “known to work” templates, customised for your business.

This provides us with a baseline, so we can understand who your most “phish prone” employees are, how you compare to other organisations, and what the  best training plan for your business should be.

Our extensive library of “always on” security awareness training resources will be tailored to your business, so you can provide your employees with the right knowledge at the right time, through the right channel.

Measurable Awareness Training | Tailored Campaigns | Detailed Reporting and Analysis

Advanced Threat Detection – Advanced Malware and URL/Link Protection
Our cloud-based email protection capability helps defend your business from zero-day malware and phishing websites in real-time.  The solution provides a continuous monitoring algorithm that classifies emails and provides a quick verdict about which emails should be scanned.  Using a unique approach of selective scanning, orchestration & integration capabilities, it promotes efficient utilization of Multi AV scanning tools and sandbox resources, allowing for continuous email protection from more advanced threats.

Key Business Benefits

  1. Real-time email content scanning of links and attachments
  2. Utilises multiple best of breed sandbox and multi-AV engines
  3. Increase detetion with continuous scanning of links and attachments
  4. Cloud native architecture

The power of the Community
Our approach detects 2x more malicious links and attachments by incorporating intelligence and feedback from other customers using the solution, as well as through continuous re-scanning of links and attachments, even after they come back clean.

Continuous Threat Monitoring | Low Maintenance | Non-Blocking Solution

Advanced Threat Detection – Protection Against Business Email Compromise (BEC)
Recommended business email compromise (BEC) protection such as DMARC, is not well adopted since it is very hard to implement and is only effective at email spoofing when dealing with a small subset of phishing threats.  Our solution uses ‘sender fingerprinting’, an advanced machine learning based technology that can identify the true identity of a sender. This technology was designed and built to answer a simple, yet very complicated question – who is sending me what? (the “Who” equates to the real identity of the sender, whilst the “What” stands for the content and the context of this communication).

Key Business Benefits

  1. Prevent email spoofing and impersonation emails, such as display name and domain look-a-likes in real-time.
  2. Reduce risk of financial loss from business email compromise (BEC) attacks.
  3. Assist busy and unsuspecting employees at recognizing phsihing attempts through embedded banner alerts.

How to compliment DMARC and protect against BEC
The native fingerprinting technology takes into account factors like implementation level (no/full/partial) of DMARC/SPF/DKIM, sending IPs, normal communication context and other meta data in order to create a unique fingerprint for each sender. Any deviation from the norm will be detected immediately and flagged inside the mailbox through banner alerts.  Using machine learning algorithms, the solution also continuously studies every employee’s inbox to detect anomalies based on both email data and metadata extracted from previously trusted communications that can then automatically flag suspicious emails to help people make smarter and quicker decisions regarding suspicious emails within the mailbox.

Sender Fingerprinting | Auto Flagging  | Machine Learning

Virtual Security Analyst – using AI to reduce the forensics burden
Many IT security teams lack the time and resources to resolve reported email phishing threats in a timely manner.  Unfortunately the longer the dwell time from open incident to verified attack, the greater the risk of end-users interacting with the malicious email.  By using AI as a tool that can predict with high confidence the legitimacy of any suspicious emails, Themis can reduce the decision making processes of busy security analysts, expediting remediation and decreasing risk.

Key Business Benefits

  1. Improve efficiency of the security team with AI assissted email phishing classification.
  2. Reduce risk by resolving unknown phishing threats faster.
  3. Drastically reduce the need for human intervention.

How does it work?
When a new incident requires forensic investigation the attack details are automatically logged and checked against all federated previous verdicts – taking dozens of  different phishing protection decisions and criteria into account as well as other intelligence sources from the platform.  Based on the vast amount of data captured from email phishing attacks, spam and false positives, the software provides its own verdict to analysts, offering what it believes other human analysts would do with such an incident.

The verdict is accompanied with a confidence level rating for every phishing incident and the solution can be operate in both suggestive and responsive modes based on confidence level and company policy.  If the confidence level is high enough, the software will automatically make and implement its decisions without human intervention.

AI Forensics | Confidence Rated | Fully Automatic