Real-Time Data Breach Detection Solution

How would you find out if you’ve suffered a data breach?  Our easy-to-use data breach detection application can alert you within minutes if your data has been hacked, leaked or stolen.  the software continuously monitors the Dark Web, dump and sites, and hundreds of other chnnels, looking for you data appearing outside the firewall.

Detect a data breach for:

GDPR Compliance
Embed into your data breach response plan and be the first to know if your data appears where it shouldn’t – potentially reducing any fines.

Risk Management
Can you be sure that your third-party providers are keeping your data secure?  Use the solution to monitor company databases to ensure your data is kept safe.

Customer Confidence
Manage data leaks proactively.  Be alerted as soon as information appears on the Dark Web – and before the media – keeping the impact to a minimum.

Brand Management
Don’t let your data go unnoticed for years – causing major damage to yur brand.  Use our solution to find out if your data is already on the Dark Web.